Posting Your A3

Hi everyone – from Jamaica!

(No, not a holiday, unfortunately.  I’m here to help a group of MET graduates launch a new venture – a non-profit enterprise called EdTech Jamaica that intends to provide national leadership in every aspect of learning technologies implementation here.  A grand and worthwhile vision – hopefully it is an inspiration for your own ventures!)

Please post your A3 pitches in the blog on Sunday (or before, if necessary) using the Venture Forum category.   Use the title of your venture as the title of the post, and include your elevator pitch and venture pitch as links, documents,  embedded videos, or whatever makes them most easily accessible.    If you’re at all concerned about your pitches being public, you may also simply post the title and ask anyone in the class who wishes to review it to email you to request a copy.  I’d prefer you not do this unless you feel strongly about it, only because it will make your pitches slightly less accessible.

Please also send me an email once you’ve posted your A3, just so that I know that it is live in the Forum.





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