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Here is my venture and elevator pitch:

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Personal Reflection:

This was definitely a difficult assignment given the lack of knowledge in pitching ventures I had at the beginning of the semester.  What I found most challenging was trying to gather sufficient details to present in what I consider a possible venture that I am considering launching in the near future.  Although EdTech Services is merely a thought to this day, I’ve already secured the website domain and a toll free number in case I want to go forward with it in the near future.   With all my experience in customer service, the IT field and as an educator, I feel as though this venture fits my personality and strengths perfectly.  Now it’s mostly a matter of seeing if it is viable or not and whether the market for this type of service exists.   The elevator pitch was definitely challenging as I felt as though I always wanted to say so much more than what our imposed limit would allow.  I tried as hard as I could to get all the essential elements that could get me in the door to encourage an EVA to listen to the rest of my venture pitch.  Another struggle was with videoing.  As much as I tried to video myself, I just couldn’t get anything to look professional so I opted for an audio version instead.

As for the venture pitch, I was somewhat surprised when I saw how much could be said in 6 minutes. 🙂  I was worried about going over the 8 minute mark but was quite happy to see that I had not lapsed this time.  It was interesting putting everything together using a combination of Prezi, YouTube, and Camtasia Studio.

Finally, in terms of strengths and limitations, here is what I see:


  • Addressed venture pitch requirements for presenting the team, pain points, solution, differentiation, market, competition, growth plan, the pitch, and the return.
  • I’ve used captivating media to deliver the venture and elevator pitches.
  • I’ve made a compelling proposition that should engage investment interest and demonstrated my ability to lead such a venture.
  • I’ve used arguments that are relevant, comprehensive, and incisive to the substance and the proposition.
  • I’ve provided a highly engaging elevator pitch that should capture the attention of potential investors.  My passion and ability to carry out the venture are easily evident despite a lack of experience in demonstrating enthusiasm when proposing my ideas. 🙂
  • I’ve limited information on screen to ensure that the listener focuses on my comments rather than reading the screen (minus the market page).
  • My personality type lacks a bit of that enthusiastic ‘hurrah’ that is generally seen by good pitches.  Try as I might, I just don’t see to have the ability to show the level of enthusiasm as some do when pitching ideas. 🙂
  • As I used some pre-recorded bits in my venture pitch, you can sometimes detect the variations while following the venture pitch.
  • I wasn’t able to come up with numbers on the product offering to demonstrate cost and value of the product.  I feel as though I still need to research this area prior to announcing details but the lack of time to feel out the market through crowdsourcing methods made this impossible.
  • I don’t really provide sufficient details on the ‘how’ the service will be offered or the timeliness of it all.  I felt as though this would also be difficult seeing how each case would be rather unique.  This is part of the business analysis that I will have to complete when I decide to move forward with this venture.


All in all, I’m very satisfied with the venture pitch and assignment and look forward to hearing comments and feedback that could help me bring this venture to fruition.

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