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Personal Reflections:

I was surprised by how much fun I had thinking creatively as an entrepreneur.   Initially I had a lot of ideas and then I narrowed them done by products I would like to see in the market.   E-Portfolio programs are something I believe we need more of and as a fan and user of Evernote I decided to combine the two ideas.

Overall, I found the Elevator Pitch more challenging than the Venture Pitch.   I must have revised what I wanted to say at least one hundred times and mostly I had to keep cutting to make it more concise.   I struggled with which information I should take out of the elevator pitch.  When it came to videoing the pitch, I gained respect for news reporters.   I tried to memorize my one-minute pitch but each time my husband would film me, I would forget or stumble on a word… not to mention how embarassing I found it.   I could barely handle watching myself.  I eventually gave up on speaking without reading, and taped what I had written to my iPhone.    We cut a little hole in the centre of the page so that the camera could see me and the text was surrounding it so that it wouldn’t look like I was reading, as my hope was I would still be looking at the camera.

As for my Venture Pitch I was so worried about going over time like I had in my Elevator Pitch that I tried to keep everything very succinct.  When I finished and realized that it was only 6 and half minutes I realized that perhaps I was too concise.   In summary below are my thoughts on the strengths and limitations of my pitches.


  • my Elevator pitch is 10 seconds over a minute.   I know it reads 1 minute 17 seconds but 7 seconds are just on the title and ending frame.
  • I appear to reading from my script at some points in my Elevator pitch.
  • Unaware of the specific dollars and cents needed to fund a venture such as Evernote folio my request was a bit vague.
  • I believe I covered all the critical facets in my Venture pitch but it is only 6 minutes and 30 seconds.   Given that I had time left over, perhaps I could have further explained some areas.
  • the idea of portfolios is not new
  • I do not show specific examples of what the folio templates could look like ~ although I am asking for funding to develop these so?


  • The content of my Venture Pitch addresses the pain point, solution, differentiation, marketing, championship, competition, the ask, and the return of the venture.
  • The Message speaks to the CEO & Management teams credibility, the credibility and feasibility of the concept, and the marketability include the specific market and competitive edge.  Furthermore it demonstrates the venture plan.
  • The speaker conveys enthusiasm, passion, sincerity, and a succinct message.
  • Based on recommendations regarding pitches, I do not think the pitches have too many bells and whistles.   The black and white backgrounds with little amounts of text are meant to capture attention and inform.
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