Lisa’s Avatar in Second Life

Hey All,

Here is my avatar from Second Life.  Her name is Larovenas.  I found that I didn’t change much when compared to me.  I guess I am not quite comfortable with doing something totally different online.


I haven’t explored Second Life very much, but I did find it disconcerting walking around and seeing other avatars that I didn’t know.  I wasn’t comfortable enough to engage in conversation.  I have never been in an online chat room and I’m not the sort of person that just adds people to her Facebook for fun.  I’m not saying I’m not social, but I like to know who I am coming into contact with.  To use this site in a classroom, I would like to know if there were privacy settings or controlled setting for my students.  I am thinking more in the lines of safety.

I’ll have to explore Second Life a little more.


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