We are developing this site as a place for Instructors and Senior Instructors at UBC to connect online. We can share resources and ideas, as well as common concerns we have as UBC faculty members in the teaching stream. Feel free to leave comments with ideas and feedback.


  1. OK, I just wrote this earlier in the “About” section, shows how much I know!

    Hello All:

    Thanks again to Catherine for setting this up. Further to our conversation last week, with the University planning to implement one of the key features of the Place and Promise Academic Plan, the commitment that every undergraduate student will have the opportunity to have two enriched educational experiences (E3) we might be ready as Instructors to respond to a call for what we do as instructors that qualifies as an enriched educational experience. Co-op placements, community service learning, international service learning, and internships are no brainers, but we need to reflect on other educational experiences that might be deemed transformative.

    As a group, we might also want to have a sense of how many of these E3 activities are provided by Instructor rank faculty.


  2. Hi All,

    I’m glad that this platform seems to suit our needs. Just to clarify though, it was a joint effort to get this started: thanks to Christina for suggesting we look into UBCblogs, and Sunaina and I together considered the options with Angela and Shane at Arts IT. This has definitely been a joint effort getting this network and website ball rolling!

    Looking forward to working with all of you as we develop this further. Feel free to make changes to the site. And thanks for the note about enriched experiences, Allen. Definitely good to keep in mind.

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