Reflections From Seeing the UBC-O Prayer Space

A moment of peace, Kelowna BC

A moment of peace, Kelowna BC

On Faith Friendly Communities


When at home, conversations about Islam, the sight of other people praying and the sound of the greeting assalamu alaykum (peace be upon you) are commonplace. But when I travel, or am in an unfamiliar environment more generally, encountering the same moments become vital for personal health. I need a quiet place to pray and meaningful conversations about faith to process my surroundings or to decompress from frequent questions about my background.   Continue reading

Managing@UBC Intercultural Stream

Are you a manager at UBC interested in strengthening your skills to lead diverse teams, empower staff and support the university’s commitment to inclusive workplace practices? If so, then this program is for you!

UBC Human Resources is opening a Managing@UBC Intercultural Stream for experienced managers through a partnership with UBC Continuing Studies Centre for Intercultural Communication. The University’s goals to fulfill the UBC Place and Promise plan led to the envisioning of this program that combines elements of successful management practices with diversity and inclusion toolkits designed specifically around the needs and functions of UBC managers.

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“Really?” Campaign looking for a team of Anti-Discrimination Response Training (ART) Workshop Facilitators

“Really?” Campaign is looking for a team of 15 ART (Anti-Discrimination Response Training) Workshop Facilitators to help build an inclusive living and learning environment at UBC. The role of the ART Workshop Facilitator is to increase student awareness and understanding of issues surrounding intercultural competency. They will do this by instilling among individuals the skills and confidence needed to respond to discrimination. By facilitating ART workshops throughout the year, they will empower members of the UBC community to intervene when they witness comments or behavior that targets others on the basis of differences in race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, language, ability, age, nationality or any other distinction.

Please click to link for full details: Really-Workshop-Facilitators-Position-Description-February-2014