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Talk: Tolerating Silent Data Corruption (SDC) causing Hardware Faults Through Software Techniques

Talk given in the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department, Georgia Tech, June 2014. (Also, at IBM T. J. Watson Research, Aug 2014) [ PDF ].
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Talk: Model-based Intrusion Detection System (IDS) for Smart Meters

Talk given at the 66th IFIP Working Group Meeting, Amicola, GA. (June 2014) [ PDF ]
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Talk: Why do Web Applications Fail and what can we do about it ?

Talk given at the Univ of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, Mar 26, 2012. [PDF]
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Talk: Good Enough Systems: Tolerating (most) hardware errors using software

Talk given at the University of Pittsburgh, CS department colloqium. Feb 22, 2012. [ PDF File ] Continue reading

Talk – Good Enough Computer Systems: Reliability on the Cheap

Talk given at the IEEE Computer Society, Vancouver Chapter, May 20, 2010. [ PDF Slides ]
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Talk: Formal methods for Fault and Attack Injection in Applications

Talk given at LAAS, CNRS, Toulouse, France. Feb 19th, 2010.
[ Slides in PDF ]
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CCC workshop invited talk

I was invited to speak at a workshop on Cross-Layer Resilience organized by the Computing Community Consortium (CCC).
My talk was on protecting critical infrastructure systems such as the power-grid from errors. You can find the slides here .