Learning Maps – planning for diverse learners

A Learning Map is a graphic organizer or template to support teachers in planning for student learning. By breaking down the learning intentions into ‘I need to know & do’ (Goals for all)and  ‘I must know & do’ (Goals for All – access/entry point for ALL learners), ‘I could know & do’ (Goals for Most/Many) and ‘I can try to know & do’ (Goals for few/challenge), the learning map helps make expectations visible to students and helps teachers scaffold learning opportunities.

Shelley Moore, a PHD scholar at UBC (2019),  has been gathering examples of teacher’s learning maps on her blog (blogsomemoore.com) and regularly shares these and other supports for planning and inclusion on Twitter and on her YouTube Channel 5 Moore Minutes – her short bowling videos are worth a watch!Download templates and examples across subject areas and grade levels:

Learning Maps


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