Applied Design Skills and Technologies ADST

Applied Design Skills and Technologies is an integrated curriculum for both elementary and secondary schools. ADST is built around the process of design thinking in which students solve complex problems through a process of empathizing, ideation, prototyping and assessment.

A common framework for design thinking is Stanford’s d school model.

As part of ADST, students can design and build protypes using the right tools for the task. These tools might include digital or other technologies: from hammers and nails to micro processors and robots! In Metro Vancouver, a group of educators and helping teachers from across the region work together to share approaches and resources on this ADST Resource blog. I’ve been privileged to be a part of this ‘Coast Metro ADST and IT Working Group’

For more information about the ADST curriculum and Design Thinking, please visit the Scarfe Digital Sandbox. A few select posts below:


*CC images used with attribution to:

Design thinking process: MrJanzen1984 [CC BY-SA (]


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