Practicum planning: Unit outlines – customize your own!

Below are a couple of templates I co-created with UBC TCs to help meet their own unique planning needs. They can be used or adapted to meet your needs in the initial stages of planning for practicum.

Once your SA has advised on a unit topic, theme or curriculum area, you can begin to plan the overview for the unit. I would suggest beginning with aligning curriculum using the KDU Model Know Do Understand: KDU Model and then moving to a more extensive unit overview structure followed by a sequence or pathway of learning experiences.

Please note that all plans will be modified as you learn more about your teaching context and your students. Rather than seeing plans as finished product or assignment that you submit, it is important to view planning as a process of ongoing drafts that you will revisit over time and even as you teach. Many school districts have created and shared unit overview or planning templates you might use as starting point. You can find several on the Unit Planning page in this blog.

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