Do you find yourself spending hours, usually in the dead of night, inserting in-line citations and producing bibliographies manually? If the answer’s yes and you’re thinking, “There’s got to be a better way,” then come to one of our Zotero or Refworks workshops.

Refworks and Zotero are both citation management tools that allow you to create and organize a personal library of citations, insert in-line citations into your term papers or theses, and then produce bibliographies automatically in the citation style of choice (Vancouver, APA, etc.). The two tools are very similar in functionality. The main difference is that Refworks is provided through a library subscription to UBC faculty, staff, students and alumni, while Zotero is free, open-source software.

At Woodward Library we’re hosting a number of noon-hour sessions to help make this part of your academic work easier and faster. You can register for (a) session(s) using the registration links below:

ZOTERO sessions:

January 27, Thurs, 12 – 12:50pm, Woodward Library (McKechnie Room)

February 10, Thurs, 12 – 12:50pm, Woodward Library (McKechnie Room)

REFWORKS sessions:

January 31, Mon, 12 – 12:50pm, Woodward Library (McKechnie Room)

February 1, Tues, 12 – 12:50pm, Woodward Library (McKechnie Room)

February 7, Mon, 12 – 12:50pm, Woodward Library (McKechnie Room)

Since February 2009, HLWIKI Canada has had 1.3 million views. I find that number astonishing but it tells me that we are on the right path with the wiki’s development.

As many of you know, I have worked on the wiki since 2006 but increasingly since about 2008-2009 when the total content in the wiki doubled. In early 2011, HLWIKI Canada has just under 600 pages of content in three main areas: Health librarianship, Social media (web 2.0), and Collaboration 2.0. I welcome you to take at the range and depth of the content we offer.

Some of the most-consulted files are:

Apple iPhone3GS for physicians 24,392
Point of care decision-making tools – Overview 16,272
H1N1 (Human Swine Flu) in Canada – Information Sources 12,504
Evidence-based health care 12,206
Evidence-based web 2.0 8,828
Systematic review searching 8,628
Google scholar bibliography 8,100
Web 2.0 7,800
Grey literature 7,284

Happy 2011! Welcome back.

To mark the occasion, I thought I’d also share some happy news about recent changes to some of our most popular and well-used drug e-books.

Martindale’s and Stockley’s Drug Interactions have been moved from Books@Ovid over to the MedicinesComplete platform, which also contains AHFS. Not only is Martindale’s easier to search on this new platform, I think you’ll be happy to note that there is now unlimited access  (i.e. no seat limits and turnaways) to these titles on the new interface.

Also a relatively recent development, thanks to joint funding from the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences and a collaboration with the Electronic Health Library of BC (eHLbc), the library now provides unlimited access to e-Therapeutics as well. No more frustrating instances of being turned away.

Enjoy! Here’s to a productive new year.

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