AnnaLisa Meyboom is an Associate Professor at the University of British Columbia’s School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture. Her research focuses on the intersection of design, technology, and the environment, particularly in the areas of advanced architectural design processes and robotic fabrication of wood, and urban informatics and autonomous vehicles. She has a particular interest in the potential of digital fabrication and robotics to enable new modes of design and construction in wood, as well as the implications of future technologies on how we design our cities.

AnnaLisa has a Master’s in Architecture from the University of British Columbia, and a Bachelor of Applied Science from University of Waterloo. She has been a visiting professor, lecturer and invited critic at a number of universities, including the University of Toronto, Harvard University, University of Virginia,  South-East University in China, and the University of Calgary. She is a frequent speaker at international conferences and workshops, and has published in a number of journals and books. She has authored two books – “Driverless Urban Futures” and “Design Capital: The Hidden Value of Design in Infrastructures.”

AnnaLisa is an active member of the academic and design community. She is a registered engineer and has worked on a range of speculative and realized projects both in engineering and architecture, from small-scale residential to bridges and large-scale urban design.

She teaches research studios, design-build classes, advanced structures and computing seminars, architectural structures courses, and robotic fabrication seminars, as well as architectural thesis students.


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AnnaLisa Meyboom Interests & Works

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