AnnaLisa Meyboom is an Associate Professor in the School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture at the University of British Columbia. She is Director of the Transportation Infrastructure & Public Space Lab (TIPSlab). Her area of expertise is integrated design of architecture and engineering. Her research and teaching looks at applications of technology in our environment where the highly technical meets the human environment. Her areas of teaching emphasize the ability to integrate the highly technical, the beautiful and the environmental simultaneously and seamlessly into a built form. She believes it is the ability to work with all these media fluently that creates projects of critical relevance.

Her research  areas involve the design of future infrastructures and their critical and catalytic relationships to public space.   She is a practicing engineer and holds a Masters of Architecture. Her background prior to architecture was in bridge engineering where she was a Senior Structural Engineer and Project Manager.

She teaches the architectural structures courses, research studios, advanced structures and computing seminars, and design fabricate courses.

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AnnaLisa Meyboom Interests & Works

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