Heavy Wall

A Competition Entry to represent Canada at the Venice Biennale.

Heavy Wall‘ is derived through an algorithmic method which develops a columnar structure with multiple elements and limited effective column lengths.  The algorithm is morphogenetic, meaning that the system is self-organizing and emergent – each element is a result of previous interactions with other elements at a more local level and the system responds in a dynamic and adaptive way.  The resulting structure is fragmented and light in appearance – on the continuum between wall and column.

The column elements self-assemble into a system which is non-heirarchical and redundant. This is an approach which is in opposition to the classical engineering approach of efficiency but is an essential biological strategy which allows adaptability and robustness for variable or changing loading conditions. In addition, the system is stochastic: given the same input each time, a different output will result. A stochastic system allows unique and temporal results: although the same configuration is chosen, the same structure will never repeat. The result is a form derived from both a gravity resisting, technological  process as well as a natural biological process.  Juxtaposing the natural and the technologically processed, so too does the algorithmic generation of the structure itself.


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