Heavy Cloud


Heavy cloud wraps the occupant in a woven surface of wood. The woven surface, timber material and wrapping form produces a structure which is porous while producing shadows, protects while appearing fragile. The woven timber surface responds to the loading, expanding its material where more force is carried and reducing it where less material is needed. The structure is created with emerging technology in architectural design and fabrication yet maintains the traditions of the profession through cultural consideration and craftsmanship. It wants to speak of both the past and the future in its generation, its pattern, and its geometry. The global geometry was derived after consideration of the scholarly works on the Sukkah – trying to bring to bear the importance of the idea of being wrapped in a cloud which provides shade not only to protect the body but also the soul.

Perspective from a competition entry completed with Dave Reeves

The pattern on the cloud is to provide shade but give an idea of lightness – to be light but yet structurally resilient.

A. Meyboom with Dave Reeves, Jessica Hunter, Thomas Gaudin and Roy Cloutier

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