July 2012

Science: It’s a girl thing!

I just got this information today about a European video that aims to attract girl to science. They apparently invested considerable money into their campaign: Science, It’s a girl thing! When I watched this video, I couldn’t believe what I saw. I wonder what was the motivation behind this video? Did they want to make people outraged and to draw people’s attention or did they seriously think that this was the way to attract girl to science. I personally wondered if the second is true, what was the role of the guy in this video? Is he supposed to attract the girl to science, as doubt the other parts of the video will?

YouTube Preview Image

As soon as I watched this one, I started looking and the responses. There were many of those and as a result, the video was pulled off the website. However, I especially liked this response. She is an astronomer and I think her response is very thoughtful … and if I were a girl, should could have been a role model for me. I especially like how she said that what would attract her to science would be not if science were a girl or a boy thing, but if science was something she was curious about… I really liked how she spoke and what she said.

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The more I think about it, the more I realize that I do not even like the title of it. Science IS NOT the boy or a girl thing. Science is not for boys or for girls, science is for curious people… I would love to know who are the people behind these project… I know lots of amazing European women scientists and I doubt they would be pleased with it, unless we all are missing something…

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