Place of the Classroom and Space of the Screen

Just submitted a manuscript to the publisher for review: The Place of the Classroom and the Space of the Screen: Relational Pedagogy and Internet Technology.

The manuscript looks at the lived experience of Web applications commonly used in education: technologies used for communication (e.g., blogs, bulletin boards) and in simulation (e.g., a Flash-based frog dissection). Examining these from the perspective of experience (rather than cognition or computation) highlights, for example, the difficulty of simulating experiences of opacity and encumbrance, and the very different significances of silence online versus face-to-face. See the book prospectus for more.

Some of these ideas are introduced in two texts that I’ve submitted (and posted here) earlier. See: Online Dissection: An encounter with the new/other or just more of the self-same? and Silence in the Classroom and on the Screen

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