Reviews for Forgotten Connections & The Place of the Classroom

Two  reviews are in for a couple of my book projects:

The first is for The Place of the Classroom and the Space of the Screen (Peter Lang, 2011), which has just been reviewed by Robert Rosenberger at Georgia Tech for the journal Human Studies.

The second is an advance review for Forgotten Connections: On Culture and Upbringing (Routledge, forthcoming) by Tone Saevi of the Norwegian Academy in Bergen for the open, peer-reviewed journal, Phenomenology & Practice.

Here’s a quote from the first review:

Norm Friesen’s The Place of the Classroom and the Space of the Screen is an
excellent example of the practical value of phenomenology. Through careful
analysis of the experience of online and real-world education, Friesen draws out the
sometimes subtle and sometimes gaping differences between these two educational
contexts…  The [text] should be of interest both to those working on the topic of educational technologies specifically and those interested in the phenomenology of technology more generally. The book should be approachable to a wide range of readers, and not just those already versed in phenomenology.



Here’s a passage from the second:

The upcoming translation of the book into English…includes a thorough, informative and well-written introduction by Norm Friesen. …readers will find that the book is as multi-layered and aporetic as it is provocative and different. These readers should read and reflect on the book twice or more. It has taken me more than 15 years to try to understand what Mollenhauer actually says and the implications for my thoughts and practice. He provokes and stirs me. His thoughts make me helpless and vulnerable, but at the same time also passionate and curious to understand more.

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