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Talking of "the Self" in Education and Ed. Psych – AERA 2013

I gave this presentation (audio recorded separately) to a packed room at AERA in San Francisco. The panel session was titled “Dewey and the Mind: Exploring Psychological and Neurological Implications of Dewey’s Work”  Over the past century or more, the … Continue reading

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Text to Speech (and back again) – Media in Education

This paper explores some readings and questions I’ve been working on for quite awhile. What is the relation of present-day educational media and technologies to the most basic and fundamental media of communication: text and speech? Unlike the forms that … Continue reading

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Curriculum, Instrumental Rationality and Tact

A presentation I’ve given in Leipzig at a conference on comparative curriculum and didactics. It outlines some of the basics of curriculum design and lesson planning in the North American context; In this presentation, I will describe curriculum, lesson plans … Continue reading

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Two Ed Tech/Media Traditions: Rationalist vs Romantic

Spoken language is the first and most basic medium, and various forms of writing come next. If this is true, then media have a long history. This is certainly the case for education & for learning speech & writing. I … Continue reading

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Open Textbooks, Educational Content & Knowledge

[slideshare id=15443685&doc=opentextbookseducationalcontentknowledge-121201133451-phpapp02] Open textbooks are an important step toward accessible and affordable education. But there’s a gap between what’s currently happening with open textbooks and what commercial publishers have long been doing. Until this gap is closed, commercial publishers will … Continue reading

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Jesus, Computers and Communication

Many important characteristics and tensions in computational and other conceptions of communication find remarkable resonance in the words of the Jewish carpenter from Galilee. For example, Claude Shannon, the inventor of information theory and a proponent of digital computation (i.e. … Continue reading

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The Lecture as a Trans-Medial Pedagogical Form, continued…

This paper, posted earlier as a slidecast, recently appeared in AERA’s Educational Researcher. I’ve posted a formatted version with graphics improved (compared to the published version). I’ve also posted, on the left, images and a table that link to full-fledged documents: … Continue reading

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Generations and Educational Change

The “net generation” (also known as “generation y,” “millenials” or “digital natives”) has been defined as those born in industrialized nations between 1977 and 1997, and thus exposed to innovations like personal computers, the Internet, and mobile phones at a … Continue reading

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Open Ed 09 Conference: Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

I recently gave a presentation at the Open Ed 2009 Conference in nearby Vancouver. The session descriptionfor the presentation is below. Please also check out a video of the presentation and the corresponding PowerPoint file. Open Education, defined as “forms … Continue reading

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