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Here are some podcasts on Nietzsche by the “Philosophy Bites” program. Each are about 15 minutes long:

Here are two longer podcasts by Ken Gemes on Nietzsche: one on the value of truth for Nietzsche, and the other on the death of God and nihilism:

An interview with Ken Gemes on the thought of Nietzsche, for Philosophy Now magazine:

“The Partially-Examined Life,” a podcast series by a group of people I went to grad school with, has several episodes on Nietzsche. Some that might be particularly relevant (note that these are quite long!):

— Nietzsche on Truth and Skepticism (focused on an essay we didn’t read, “On Truth and Lies in a Nonmoral Sense,” but I think still relevant):

— on The Genealogy of Morality:

Video lectures

The University of Oxford has some video lectures about Nietzsche, on various topics, here:



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