slices of Nietzsche’s GM

Here is an animated GIF of a physical artwork printed out on paper. In the original, there is a long sheet of paper with the images, shaped like a cylinder, that is inside another cylinder of paper with a slit that only allows you to see one part of each image at a time. You have to slide the paper with the images around the cylinder to see different parts of the images through the slit. Then you can open out the long roll with the images so you can see the whole image and all the series of images together. The animated GIF is meant to simulate this experience.

This explanatory essay really helps to say what is going on here, and why! Essay for animated gif and paper project on Nietzsche’s GM (PDF)

The animated gif image and the essay  posted here are copyrighted to their author, David Carruthers, and may not be reused without express permission.

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