Site license and attribution

Except for blog posts or assignments written by other individuals, which are copyright to those individuals, all materials on this site are licensed with a Creative Commons Attribution license, attributed to Christina Hendricks:

So, for example, all lecture notes, handouts, and assignment instruction sheets are available for re-use under the above-linked CC-BY license.

Header image credits: 

The image at the top of this page was created by Christina Hendricks, from the following images:

Nietsche image: Nietzsche in Basel around 1875, photo by F. Hartmann, available on Wikimedia Commons, public domain.

Foucault image: “Michel Foucault, Painted Portrait”, shared on Flickr by Thierry Ehrmann, licensed CC-BY (Creative Commons Attribution)

Page background image credits

Webtreats Seamless Web Background Teal Grunge, Flickr image by Webtreats, licensed CC-BY


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