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Sending bottle rockets to new heights (of learning)

My Twitter streams crossed this morning and before I even got to work, a blog post about kids, STEM, learning science, teaching science and rockets was practically spilling out of my head. It started with a tweet from @physorg_com (h/t … Continue reading

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Persian New Year

Ali Narimani is a astronomy graduate student at UBC. Ali facilitates the labs we run in our introductory “Astro 101” course. While developing an activity about the motion of the Sun across the sky, we were trying to figure out … Continue reading

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Galileoscope eyepieces

Galileoscope co-designer Stephen Pompea peers through his creation. (Dean Coppola / Contra Costa Times from Cosmic Log by Alan Boyle) “I put my Galileoscope together. How do I use all these eyepieces?” That’s a question I get all the time. … Continue reading

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Leveraging Public Outreach

Every winter for the last 7 years, my Department has put on a science show for the general public, following the tradition celebrated by physicist Michael Faraday (1791-1867). This year’s theme was “The Physics of Light and Colour”. We did … Continue reading

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