Issue 2: Fostering Inclusivity

Issue 2 invited contributions on how we promote equity by fostering inclusivity.

The magazine hopes to continue conversation on equity, diversity, and inclusion in 2023 with Issue 3. Call for submissions will become available in the new year. 


Mood Psychology at UBCO: What challenges do students face at the university?

The video compilation features UBCO students who reflect on mental health related challenges.



Flora in the fields (Anonymous)

In the elds, owers are able to exist with each other,

Nomad bees showering in the owers pollen, such a peaceful scene…




Indigenous Women’s Reproductive Rights and Justice: Intersections of Gender and Race in North America’s Regimes of Assimilation and Cultural Genocide by Elise Boisvert

Indigenous peoples have long been excluded, assimilated, and discriminated against since colonialist settlers arrived on Turtle Island (now known as Canada). Indigenous women were viewed as the backbone of society, but when Western ideologies began to dominate, this quickly changed…


A Dark-Skinned Damsel by Ayanfe Idowu


Born black, beautiful with beady black eyes.

Broad nose, curly black hair, wide smile, white teeth.

She was dark-skinned…



Disability Resource Centre Creates Inclusion Around Campus, Online and Offline by Yasmeen Kaila

Everyone needs extra support in their life. Whether it is mental health, physical health, or accommodations, the Disability Resource Centre (DRC) at the University of British Columbia Okanagan (UBCO) helps create a safe space for inclusion and diversity…


#Say Her Name: Compilation of Artwork Exhibited at FINA Gallery by Nasim Pirhadi 

The purpose of the show was to raise the awareness about the unrest in Iran and be the voice of the Iranian people. Informing the audience and bringing them into a conversation…



‘Diwali Mela’ at UBC Okanagan organized by the Indian Student Association

The Indian Student Association (ISA) organized Diwali, or as it is more popularly known, the ‘Festival of Lights’. Diwali is one of the biggest festivals celebrated in India…




In Conversation with Aliyah Ayorinde, Busie Adebayo, and Kojo Clarke 

“…I would say that one of the main benefits of being a part of this club is making new connections and friendships, which also goes back to the topic of inclusion on campus.” (Adebayo)


Page Photo credit Darren Hull.

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