Issue 4: Blind Spots – Issues of Silent Discrimination


We are seeking submissions from UBC students to express their unique perspectives on “Blind Spots – Issues of Silent Discrimination” for RESPECT Magazine’s fourth issue.

The framework of ‘Blind Spots’ emphasises the significance of acknowledging our personal biases influenced by our own identities and the way we experience the world. By doing so, we can gain awareness about how each individual’s life experiences within our community can vary based on their unique perspectives and positions. 

Before knowing the reality of students’ experiences of discrimination, we can be ‘blinded” by the illusion that those experiences are uncommon and detached from our lives as UBC students. This makes us inadvertently oblivious to the prevalence of these instances which can further perpetuate harm to individuals from historically, persistently, systemically, and marginalized groups. Through this issue, we will provide a platform for students to share their experiences of discrimination in our community, thereby amplifying marginalized voices and fostering awareness.

“Blind Spots” can be interpreted in multiple ways. Here are a few questions to guide your submission (if you have an idea not reflected in the questions, these are also welcome):

  • How do you define and understand the concept of being “blinded” to experiences of discrimination?
  • What experiences or observations have made you aware of the prevalence of discrimination on campus?
  • Why do you think people are “blinded”?


As mentioned in our mission statement, RESPECT Magazine aims to invite student voices to initiate meaningful dialogues on EDI-related issues while maintaining a respectful and safe environment. Keeping this in mind, we encourage you to explore the resources listed below for support in navigating and/or addressing your experience:


Submission Deadline: Friday, December 1st, 2023



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