Issue 3: Power of Place


We are seeking submissions from UBC students, artists, and writers to express their unique perspectives on the “Power of place”. 

Places and spaces are key factors that influence our involvement in communities and it reflects our relationships with the places we love. The concept  “Power of Place” can be interpreted in multiple ways. Here are a few questions to guide your submission (if you have an idea not reflected in the questions, these are also more than welcome):

    • What does “Power of Place” mean to you?
    • How does your origin inform the value you attribute to “place”?
    • How does “place” inform your learning and/or community engagement on campus?
    • In what ways do you experience the “Power of Place” on campus? 
    • What are your experiences with learning on/from the land?

We encourage students to reflect on their positionality, origin, and connection with place(s) and land(s) to guide their search for equity, diversity and inclusion.


Submission Deadline: March 27th, 2023







Photo by Kolby Milton on Unsplash.



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