Poem: Flora in the Fields

Author: Anonymous

As an international student, I believe there’s nothing more welcoming than the act of inclusivity of others. Because now I understand more than ever, what it’s like to be the odd-one-out. I had thought about these feelings of difference when I volunteered to participate in the RESPECT Magazine, which is why I wrote about flowers. They all have a different meaning and all look quite different, but they coexist in the land they share. I wrote this poem for those who are wondering if they fit in at all in university life. Inclusivity is meant to be shared, which is what the Syilx Okanagan Nation have done with the university, they have allowed people to be in their land. We as knowledgeable students are able to thrive at our differences, regardless of what they might be, because we share the experience of being UBCO’s students. This is an important message to spread, because if there are people who doubt the act of inclusivity, at the very least there are now others that can support those who feel unwelcome.

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