Flora in the fields

In the elds, owers are able to exist with each other,

Nomad bees showering in the owers pollen, such a peaceful scene.

Color lls the eld as the sun strikes noon, light transmitting its tenderness to Earth.

Lovely setting, incredible scents, peaceful calm.

Unbelievable sight.

Serene environment, unpolluted air,

Indescribable warmth lled the ground, as the Sun kissed the Earth softly.

Variety of owers decorated the eld,

Inclusivity seen within our nature. Flowers,

Twirling away with the wind, petals and leaves dancing with each other, never

Yielding, just existing with each other; as nature intended to do.


Movement isn’t discriminated, warmth is not denied,

All around is colorful and inaudibly fun.

Togetherness has set the mood, spreading its beauty.

Tomorrow will be the same, love surrounding the

Exquisitely serene and natural scene.

Romantic essence of immense diversity.

Succulent di erence, perfuming the air, impacting the senses.


Author: Anonymous

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