Project Team

Project Coordinators

  • Ximena Cayo Barrantes | Undergraduate Student | Majoring in Psychology |  Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences | UBC Okanagan

As an international student and a woman, I understand how difficult it can be to feel that we belong. This is why I hope the RESPECT Magazine can become a space of empathy and acceptance for everyone who needs it and bring us a little bit closer to an equitable community. 

  • Nancy Jiayi Lu Undergraduate Student Majoring in Psychology | Faculty of Science UBC Okanagan

Recognizing, embracing and respecting individual and group differences are important to all the communities. Diversity shapes our view of the world from different dimensions. I hope the RESPECT magazine provides a platform for everyone to feel welcome and free to share the differences to make the community a better place.

  • Élise Machado | Undergraduate Student | Majoring in Human Kinetics | Faculty of Health and Social Development | UBC Okanagan

While striving for a more equitable community, it is crucial to recognize that empathetic communication is a driving factor. I hope the RESPECT magazine provides students with a creative outlet to share their unique perspectives.

Faculty Advisors

  • Anita Chaudhuri (Principal Applicant) Assistant Professor of Teaching Department of English and Cultural Studies | Faculty of Creative and Critical Studies | UBC Okanagan

Facilitating conversations that involve students is essential for research, learning and community engagement, which are the mainstays of Educational Leadership. With the RESPECT magazine, I hope, we can also recognize our distinct voice and diverse identities.  

  • Rishma Chooniedass (Collaborator) | Assistant Professor of Teaching | School of Nursing | Faculty of Health and Social Development UBC Okanagan

Every person plays a role in advancing equity. To be engaged, you must feel included and valued. I hope the RESPECT magazine empowers students to create a safe campus community where we can foster belonging and respect human rights.

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