Featured image: SPAN 301-102 students Jade, Grace and Benjamin 

Students from Span 301 section 102, through Spanish for Community, Department of French, Hispanic and Italian Studies (FHIS), and in partnership with Ratón de Biblioteca (Colombia), are facilitating English-Spanish virtual sessions with students from Medellin as part of the course’s Community Engaged Learning (CEL) component, facilitated by instructor Dr. María Carbonetti.

SPAN 301-102 Experiential and Community Engaged Learning (CEL) alignment with course curriculum and learning outcomes:

Intercultural and inter-linguistic application through Spanish-English workshops with students from our partner organization, Ratón de Biblioteca (Colombia).

  1. Identify and apply cultural, and topic-specific vocabulary and grammar structures in appropriate contexts, through community engaged learning (CEL) projects.
  2. Expand and develop cross-cultural awareness and understanding by studying, describing, and comparing critically diverse aspects of the Hispanic culture by participating in (optional) community engaged learning projects.
  3. Make connections between course content and its application in community specific contexts.
Spanish for Community Partner
English-Spanish Class Facilitators: SPAN 301-102 students
    • Jade Q., Grace B., and Benjamin P.
    • Ecaterina M. and Saffah I.
    • Olivia C. w/ SFC Fellow Katie M.
    • Salina E. and Maile K.
    • Sienna N-W, Grey F. M. y Micah M.
    • Deeba M. w/ SFC Fellow Katie M.
Spanish for Community Fellows
    • Katie M.
    • Miguel C.
    • Encsi S.
Ratón de Biblioteca Co-Facilitators
  • María Victoria
  •  Nevir
Student Testimonies
“On Wednesday, October 20th, I taught online a group of 7 children from the Biblioteca Esperanza in Medellín, Colombia. I used my previous experience of teaching online to guide me through the session. I prepared a fall-themed powerpoint, adding lots of images of Vancouver and Canada, and some familiar images from the student’s paisa culture.” Miguel C., Spanish for Community Fellow
SPAN 301-102 Facilitators: Sienna N-W, Grey F. M. and Micah M.