Translation and Community Health: Students’ Process Showcase

As part of the pilot language project of the BC Brain Wellness Program from the Faculty of Medicine, students of SPAN 301: Intermediate Spanish translated in-house educational

materials resources pertaining to the health sciences, particularly brain health. The BC Brain Wellness Program is a unique and interactive program establishing clinically

relevant lifestyle approaches to complement medical treatment in the clinics at the Djavad Mowafaghian Centre for Brain Health.

The goals of this project go beyond language learning, also touch issue of intercultural communication, inclusivity, diversity and social justice:

1. Expand the reach of our programs and resources to a wider community of people

2. Prioritize our program’s accessibility and inclusivity by breaking down language barriers

3. Offer hands-on language translation experience for UBC Language students

4. Provide an opportunity for students to familiarize with scientific language

5. Build interdisciplinary relationships with the UBC Language Department for future projects

A center part of this project is for the students to reflect both on language mediation and the learning and application of translation strategies, and on the role of language on community health accessibility and inclusion.

See featured final students’ presentations showcasing their work and reflections on the process: