PS01 asks you to design a sports equipment storage building for Camp Fircom which is functional but also sculptural. This building is sited at the confluence of two trails, one leading to the water and one leading into the woods. Opposite the site is an open air traditional wood building which often hosts weddings. The view of the south side of the building is a backdrop to photos and should resonate both with the site and the cultural events that happen at the camp.


The ICD workshop showed you the potential of the new technology of the industrial robot applied to the fabrication of wood. Prelude introduced you to working with engineered wood products and thinking about the new technology of the wood products as well as parametric applications. PS 01 asks you to experiment with what you have learned and to apply it to a simple program.

This program sets out a condition where the structure of the building is the expression. As such, the structure should be the primary way of expressing intent. In this case, the opportunity is to use the freedom of the extended fabrication tool of the industrial robot to shape a structure which we would otherwise have a very difficult time fabricating. Light and space are also a prime consideration along with the functional requirements which are outlined in more detail below.

Embedded within this exercise you should also include social and cultural intent as well as your vision for wood architecture in the future. This building provides a radical showcase for your idea. As such, your interpretation should clearly be expressed in the design.


You have, through the introductory lectures, the installations and the workshop, been exposed to many types of joints. We also now understand that advanced digital technology allows infinite variation of a joint with minimum effort. The opportunity this creates in architecture is immense. The project should ‘show off’ the potential of the parametric design thinking and digital fabrication in order to demonstrate this newfound freedom. By ‘showing off’ this technology, you are also demonstrating your own understanding of both the freedom and limitations of the technology.


The camp requires a facility for the storage and regular access by campers of equipment related to operation of the waterfront recreational activities. It needs to be located at the top of the trail leading down to the waterfront area, in proximity to the open-air pavilion and the two-storey accommodation building. The structure should be securable when the waterfront is not in use, but permitting air flow to ensure the drying of equipment. When the waterfront is being used, the facility should accommodate orderly use by camp groups to access equipment. A storage system should be developed which permits campers to easily identify location of equipment (e.g. lifejackets by S-M-L) for retrieval and replacement.

Siting considerations

The proposed location requires consideration of a number of issues related to siting:

  • The structure should relate architecturally to the other structures in the area in terms of massing, materials, etc. and respect the nearby existing large trees.
  • It should clearly demonstrate its association with the waterfront, acting as an informal portal to the trail which descends to the beach area.
  • It should also reinforce access to the main trail extending into the woods, Halkett Bay and the seasonal sleeping accommodations.
  • The structure should provide an appropriate backdrop or foil to the open air pavilion and grassy gathering area which is regularly used for more formal events.