by Chai Salvi

Brief: Off the convention of a storage space, the design curates an exhibition space as a temporary shelter to store water sports equipment. In winters, the facility is expected to use the existing storage trailer allowing this structure to be used for other purposes. The structural assembly may allow it to be dismantled efficiently.

Form: This exhibit is modulated by two curved parametric walls. These walls explore the concept of transparency and interaction. Transparency is explored with the parametric distribution of structural components. This will allow the wall to have fenestrations to open to outdoors. Interaction is achieved with additional functional, playful and touch responsivefeatures.

Structural system: The proposal uses spruce pine glulam for building components due to its light color and versatile characteristics. These prefabricated components use interlocking joint at nodes creating both skins as well as the structural support. I imagine this assembly to be done quickly and efficiently on site with a robotic script.

Storage: This exhibit will have a wall and few stations that will hold and display the equipment. Moreover, I Imagine this facility to be continuously active. Therefore, continuous replacement of equipment is expected. Storing them in this temporary shelter will allow them to dry and to be used as desired.

The overall design explores a simple geometry with defined systems. The next goal is to use this system in exploring complex geometries.