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Summer has finally arrived in Vancouver, but we’re still hard at work looking for potential partners here at UBCmix. We’ve recently added a new Profiles page to our website where departments interested in a Mix partnership can describe their idea in a bit more depth [edit 6 July 2011: Profiles and more are now available on the UBC Mix Community Portal]. Take a look and see if any of them suit your own course and interests.

For instance, Statistics is avidly looking for other undergraduate and graduate classes with sets of quantitative data. Do your students collect original data sets? Or are your students¬† looking to work with previously collected data sets but lacking the skills for deeper analysis? Maybe you should contact us about setting up meeting with Statistics. They’ve got the skills to take your students research to the next level.

Microbiology is also looking for a few good classes to Mix things up. Are you teaching a class in the sciences and interested in exploring an aspect of ecological genomics? Or do you have students with good reporting, writing, or presentation skills and want to see how they can use them to further discourse in an outside discipline? We’ve got a world-class instructor in microbiology who is all about interdisciplinary discourse.

We’re working on other projects too. Contact us to see if we’ve already got a partner for you!

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