Announcing our first partnership for 2010/2011

UBCmix is pleased to announce our first 2010/2011 partnership with PHIL335A Power and Oppression taught by Sylvia Berryman and SOCI430 Civil Society in Theory and Practice taught by Thomas Kemple.  Both courses are part of the UBC Global Citizenship Term Abroad (GCTA) program in Guatemala. The courses will take place during an intensive 6-week period during May and June in 2011.

Tom and Sylvia are coordinating a strong academic program based on important global issues such as poverty and social justice, civil society organizations and the impacts of global disparities on vulnerable societies. Guatemala is certainly one of the countries where further academic study of these topics can have a large impact.

This exciting Mix opportunity will include shared course readings and student presentations drawing on topics from both classes. Students will also be required to undertake a service-learning component with local development organizations in Guatemala. In the past these have included volunteering in a local elementary school, working on a water purification project, helping in a worm composting project, and participating in the work at a coffee and macadamia nut plantation.  The GCTA program combines rigorous academic study with experiential and service learning and travel. You can’t ask for a better or even more complete Mix project!

The program is open to all UBC students and has previously taken a mix of students from both the Vancouver and Okanagan campuses. Students are required to submit an application for the program and will take both courses. While there are no prerequisites, students can expect significant reading and the chance to engage with local families. Previous knowledge of Spanish is also not required, but students will be expected to accept the challenge of communicating across language barriers. The instructors are aiming to accept about 20 students into the program.

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