Call for Mix Proposals

UBC Mix is accepting proposals for Mix partnerships and Mix activities. Up to $500 start-up funding, consultation, planning support, and Mix matchmaking services are available for new Mixes and ReMixes.

Deadlines once per term, with a rolling deadline for submissions throughout the rest of the year.

Email Mix proposals and questions to: ubc-mix(at)

Please include the following information in your 1-page Mix proposal:

  • Mix partners’ names, departments, faculties, and contact information
  • Plans for Mix activity, Mix funds, and student participant evaluation

We especially welcome proposals for next school year!

About UBC Mix
UBC Mix partners instructors, students, and courses together to create an interdisciplinary atmosphere that enhances learning and broadens understanding.

How does it work?
Interested instructors can pair up and propose an idea to UBC Mix or contact us for help locating possible Mix partners. We help to connect like-minded instructors across disciplines and provide pairs with guidance, resources, and support to bring their students together for joint activities and projects.

What does a Mix look like?
Mixes are flexible, lightweight partnerships between two or more instructors and their students. There is a wide range of Mix formats. Here are some ideas:

  • Lecture swaps
  • Data mash-ups and mock-ups
  • Joint reading assignments
  • Joint writing assignments
  • Discussion sessions
  • Parisian salons
  • Formal debates
  • Community service learning projects
  • Student conferences and symposia
  • Field trips
  • Workshops
  • Guest speakers

What can Mix funding support?
Mix funding is adaptable to Mix partners’ needs and interests. Below are some possible uses for Mix start-up funding. Have another idea? Just ask!

  • Transportation
  • Event support
  • Honoraria
  • Topping up a TA’s salary
  • Supplies
  • Equipment rentals

How can UBC Mix help?
Contact the UBC Mix Student Coordinator by email at with questions and ideas. The Coordinator can provide support in a number of ways:

  • Matchmaking between instructors
  • Brainstorming
  • Consultation
  • Room and equipment booking
  • Day-of event support
  • Connecting with resources

UBC Mix Wiki
Get involved in the UBC Mix community by adding your profile and ideas to the UBC Mix Community Portal.

UBC Mix is grateful for support from the Teaching and Learning Enhancement Fund, the Terry Project, and the Centre for Teaching, Learning, and Technology

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