Tiffany’s Movement Journal_Week 1 (September 9)

The evening prior to our first class, I was very nervous.  Having experienced mostly negative experiences in my childhood Physical Education (PE) classes, I was apprehensive about what this course would be like, and how I would be able to teach a class and make it exciting and fun for everyone.

The PE classes of my recollections involved a lot of standing in the sidelines during soccer games, and wishing that I wouldn’t be “saved” during dodgeball so I didn’t have to go back into the battle zone.  Although teachers encouraged everyone to participate, children who were already good at whatever sport or game that was being played tended to take the spotlight, while the rest of the class stood by and watched.

I did not quite understand this problem until we discussed the article regarding primary school teachers not feeling qualified to teach PE.  In my own conversation with a classmate, a multitude of reasons could contribute to this issue.  Fitness and athletic abilities, as well as past experiences were brought up.  Having never been exceptionally athletic, as well as experiencing the feeling of being left out, I was hesitant about my own ability to teach PE successfully.  It then made sense that teachers with a similar background would feel unqualified to teach PE.

The views toward fitness and physical education are changing, however.  Rather than being focused on “super stars” with skills that the majority of the population are not able to achieve, attention is being drawn to staying active through whatever means you are comfortable with.  I hope that I will be able to create an environment that emphasizes the importance of staying active, rather than letting it become an exhibition of skills.

One thought on “Tiffany’s Movement Journal_Week 1 (September 9)”

  1. Great post Tiffany!

    I can certainly relate to your thoughts and comments surrounding your post.

    I too struggled with P.E. and often times felt left out of the activities that I wasn’t the best at. I have terrible memories of my fellow classmates being encouraged to selected their team members and dreading being the last one selected.

    Like you, this got me thinking about how will I be able to teach P.E. with enthusiasm if it wasn’t one of my favourite subjects?

    I hope to learn how to encourage activity among students, who like myself, do not necessarily excel at team sports. I hope to learn how to foster an inclusive, supportive classroom environment where all students feel the confidence to participate without judgement.

    Hopefully we can all work together to overcome these challenges and develop a P.E. class that supports the learning of students of all abilities and talents.

    Perhaps we can learn not only from the positive examples that we witnessed in the gym but also from the negative experiences that we had. It may a wonderful lesson in itself to remember how we felt as P.E. students and therefore to know what not to replicate.

    I certainly look forward to the challenge!

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