Week 1 Movement Journal (Sept 9) – Shirin Kara

To be honest, I was slightly apprehensive about this first class of EDCP 320 – mostly as a result of a combination of not knowing what to expect as well as some negative memories of PE during my time in public education. However, I was pleasantly surprised at the open, relaxed and welcoming atmosphere that greeted me when I entered Osborne A.

As a very shy and uncoordinated child, PE (especially during my pre-teen/adolescent years) was generally a source of anxiety. This is not to say that there were never times I enjoyed PE. On the contrary, when we had classes that allowed for small group activities rather than whole class activities or team sports, I normally felt more comfortable and actually enjoyed myself, as I didn’t feel the pressure to “perform” or a sense of vulnerability. Likewise, when I had instructors or teachers who I felt were understanding or more inclined to listen, I was more interested in attending PE.

Therefore, since my personal experience with PE was not always positive, I think it is important and beneficial to share and hear other perspectives on PE experiences (as I am sure many of you have had very positive experiences!). This would allow us, as future teachers, to more effectively gain insight into the diversity of our future students (in terms of personality, learning styles and skill level) and how best to create a simultaneously fun, inclusive and productive PE environment.

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