First Day of PE!

First day of Physical Education. It feels strange being back in this type of setting but at the same time, really great. Chuck the Chicken, what a great guy. Unfortunately for him, he was headless in my group. I had never heard of this game before this day but boy was this fun. It really made us work as a team and think of ways that we were able to make our team more efficient. I always enjoyed PE in school as I was a pretty active and sporty child (parents stuck me in gymnastics at age 3 because I was insane or something…) but there were definitely some not so great days when we would have fitness testing. I’m really excited to learn from Steve and see all of the different ways to teach a PE class and break away from the mould. I look forward to exploring new ways in which to support the physical literacy of children and incorporate it into a future PE class that I may teach.

One thought on “First Day of PE!”

  1. I too loved this game Chuck the Chicken which was introduced to me for my first time in this class. When Steve introduced us to this game, I only knew the concept of the game, just trying to understand the basics of the game. It was interesting, right away we were all trying to think of ways that would make us faster and smarter players as a team. We blurted our ideas out as we were playing and running around. Then Steve paused the game and allowed us to share our ideas with one another on how we thought we could become better as a team in this game. So we were able to point out ideas like get closer together in a circle, run as fast as you can, send your fastest runner to the chicken first, and to throw the chicken as far as you could. When we continued on with the game, we were all able to see a change in the game for a better, becoming faster and smarter team players. Although this is just a fun PE game, it can be brought into many other different parts of life. This type of teamwork is seen in sport clubs, work atmosphere, and possibly in classrooms. This allows people to follow instructions, hear all members of the team and allows people to know their strengths to a team. I really enjoyed this game.

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