Reflection after Teaching Target Games

Presenting first is never easy. However, I figured it would be kind of me to share some “do’s” and “dont’s” for future presentations.

Do’s, figure out your group strengths and weaknesses. Luckily for me I had the opportunity to work with three amazing people. The combination of Nicole’s organizational skills, Bobby’s real world struggles (being picked last, haha sorry Bobby), and Mikes comedic relief made for an awesome group.

Do’s, start early, the presentation is the tip of the iceberg. Finish the readings then sit down and write the page summary together. Working as a team to create the summary makes the in-class presentation much more cohesive. Planning a good lesson takes time; therefore, read the new curiculum and structure your lesson according to the PLOS of your target grade.

Dont’s, try to scream across the gym. The gym is massive space that echoes; therefore, bring the group into close to explain any directions.

I had an amazing experience planning and executing our target game lesson plan. This unit has taught me the importance of analyzing traditional sports to ensure they are not Hall of Shame games and can both function for knowledge and inclusion.

2 thoughts on “Reflection after Teaching Target Games”

  1. First I wanted to say, GREAT job Amy, Bobby, Mike and Nicole! It is always a daunting task being the first group to present, especially in our program, and I wanted to say WELL DONE. I loved everyone’s enthusiasm and really liked how you began the class with the human knot (great teamwork game!) Amy: thank you for all the Do’s and Dont’s, this will be extremely helpful for all of us that still need to present.
    I thought you guys did an awesome job leading the group discussion about the readings. I know for my group which was led by Mike, had a great conversation going about shame games and the idea of competitiveness and how to go about it at a young age.
    Thanks for a fun class! Stellar job!!

    1. Amy,

      Thanks for your bravery and honesty, going first so early in the year takes a lot of courage and planning. I really enjoyed the Human Knot warm-up. Starting with a smaller group is appropriate for elementary grades and I appreciated how your group modified the game to make it more difficult for our classroom. Even though it’s a ‘shameful’ game, Ive got to be honest and say I had a lot of fun. As an adult, I enjoy it more now then I did as a child. I really appreciated your Do’s and Dont’s list, especially the part about getting started early with planning. My group is the dance unit that won’t be til much later in the term, I’m a bit worried about the other assignments that will be on our plate at that time. A job well done!

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