Group B Week 2 Post

At first, and from my experiences with Physical Education teachers, my understanding was that in order teach PE, you had to be experienced in some form of athletic action, be it a basketball player or triathlon participant, etc. This comes from my previous PE teachers being coaches as well of my school’s athletic teams; I have never had a PE teacher who did not coach a team after school. This fuelled my knowledge and assumption that all PE teachers were experts in some sport that allowed them to not only teach general PE, but also be the coach of their own team. This kind of pushed me into being a teacher in a weird way because it made me want to show my fellow students who are not as physically active or capable as the star basketball player that you don’t have to be an expert or perfect at a sport in order to be a PE teacher or athlete.

I am no expert in any sport in the capacity to coach one myself except for Quidditch, but that is not a popular enough sport to garner me as an expert in any way. I always knew I would have to teach PE as an elementary school teacher and that terrified me because I was no such expert. I was afraid of going into a classroom and being seen as a phony for not being able to be an expert.

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