Week 2 Readings/Group B: PE Hall of Shame

Week 2 of PE this week marked the beginning of our journey into actually being Physical Education Teachers! Great job, Group 1 – Lisa, Tina, Claire and Agnes!

I would like to discuss some of the guiding questions from the syllabus as I think about what kind of PE class I want to teach. The biggest challenge may be that we do not see ourselves as “experts” in PE, or even as very athletic or sporty – but the truth is we don’t need to be good at PE to still have fun doing it. Enthusiasm and good attitude are the most important aspects, and it may be hard to always feel confident during the class (especially if we are teaching 18 year old athletes), but it is our attitudes that will inspire the class and promote learning – more than skill.

PE teachers need to find a way to keep everyone involved. I think as we have become adults the ideas of being active and healthy have changed so that we are free to pursue activities that we are more personally interested in, and all of these activities are valued (for example, yoga, rock climbing and paddleboarding). We need to draw attention to the fact that moving around is good for our brains, bodies and stress levels. The increased awareness of physical health and mental health is also something I am very interested in learning and I want to learn more ways to keep people active, healthy and enjoying PE. I can see how much happier it makes me everyday and these are habits we need to develop in our classes.

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