Week 3: Net/Wall Games and Physical Literacy

This week’s class included an intro to physical literacy and to teaching net/wall games. The group that presented this week set the bar high. Their high energy, thoughtful transitions, and lesson plan structure proved they’re group management pro’s. I enjoyed the scaffolding of skills that developed through stations, which were well-timed and didn’t lag on.

Our intro to physical literacy uncovered some inspirational theories and mission statements to develop the following abilities:
• Consistently develop the motivation and ability to understand, communicate, apply, and analyze different forms of movement.
• Demonstrate a variety of movements confidently, competently, creatively and strategically across a wide range of health-related physical activities.
• Make healthy, active choices throughout their life span that are both beneficial to, and respectful of their whole self, others, and their environment.

Although I consider myself physically literate, I had only recognized that as the fundamental movement skills used during sports and exercise. After last class, I’ve realized it can involve feelings and emotions as well. This is an area of my physical literacy I would like to engage in more. Overall, I found the lecture and theory to be a bit abstract, it seems there isn’t yet a resource guide or means for evaluation. I wholeheartedly believe that physical literacy needs to be promoted in the classroom to build healthy, active adults. Working with Elementary learners, I’ll have to research PHE Canada and Canadian Sport for Life to find best practices for application.

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