Session 5 Movement Journal Post (Oct. 9) – Terence Wong

This week, the focus was on TGFU for social awareness in a PE class. The activity that was taught by the group was very well done, which I believe was the result of a step-by-step/progression style of the activities. The group was able to divide their game into three different styles or levels, which allowed everyone to participate fully and understand the game more thoroughly.

A discovery approach is useful in gameplay because it allows students to understand the games and realize strategies or purpose behind activities. This allows the teacher to take a step back and facilitate, rather than providing all solutions to the students. In this way, students are also presented with the opportunity to take the lead on their own learning. To ask questions, learn strategies, and o progress together as a class. TGFU is a method in which could also carry over to other literacies outside of the PE class.

Educators can provoke further questioning among learners by encouraging a safe and open environment. This environment would allow students to generate discussion without judgments. An educator with this style of teaching would also be able to facilitate discussion, not by providing all the answers and information, but by posing questions towards the students, while allowing reflection time to share their thoughts and understandings as a class.

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