Sienna’s PE movement journal (Oct 7th)

This week, from practicum, I had a chance to observe how TGFU concept is implemented in a PE class. In grade 2 PE class, students were divided into four groups, and the teacher gave each corner of the gym as “home station” to each group. The game itself was very simple, but it was fun and a very good example of TGFU. There were 30 balls in the middle of the gym, and students had to bounce the ball to their home station. When there were no balls left in the middle of the gym, students were allowed to take balls from other groups’ home stations. The group who has the biggest number of balls win the game. In my opinion, this game was the perfect example of TGFU to introduce basic skills of basketball. All students actively participated in the game. By the time when the game was finished, most students were able to bounce the ball pretty well. I wish I had an opportunity to play the game like this in PE class before practicing basketball. In Korea, most PE classes were always about playing sports. We play basketball for a while then move on to badminton, and then soccer. Like this, we always learned sports in PE class, so I never knew TGFU. I think TGFU is a very effective method to introduce fundamental movement skills of sports such as basketball or soccer.
Even though I did not experience TGFU in my PE classes in Korea, I realized that I have learned about “PE for life” concept. There is something called “National Health Gymnastics (NHG)” in Korea, and every student has to learn this in a PE class. If I remember correctly, students practice “National Health Gymnastics” at least once a week at school. I heard that a lot of companies try to practice NHG before they start working. Some people practice NHG every morning as their morning exercise. I think this is one of the examples of “PE for life” so wanted to share. Please enjoy the video!


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  1. Hey Sienna,

    I found your video very interesting. Last week on Thursday, I learned that the school I am in (Southridge) does a similar program in the mornings for each of their classes. They implement the “Active for Life” idea before the classes officially start in the morning. To do this, teachers take turns bringing their kids into the gymnasium and performing a quick activity with them to get them moving and motivated before their lessons start. The game that I observed last Thursday was actually one that we did in class – the Shark game where you jump from mat to mat. I asked if every student does this, and I was told that it helps the students prepare and activate their brain for the morning and the rest of the day. I think that this is a great idea as it instills a healthy habit within the students, one that they will hopefully continue later on in life and after school.

    1. This video was super cool Sienna! Thank you for sharing 🙂 When I say “National Health Gymnastics” I pictured something completely different but I could see how this would be a form of meditation, focus or stretching. This would be an awesome thing to do before work or school.
      Looking back at elementary and high-school, I don’t remember every really learning skills before playing a game. It seems as if we were just thrown into it and told to play. I think its essential that students are taught the skills first, especially because there will be students who have never played before.

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