Week 5 Invasion Games – Reflection

On Friday, Zoe, Jenny and I taught Invasion games to our CITE class. Although I was nervous at first, the group teach went smoothly and I think it was because we were prepared. Something important that I learned from this group teach is to always be very prepared for any class so that I can be flexible and change parts of the lesson if there are emergency situations.

I started off with a dance warm-up. I had a lot of fun and it was great seeing the other classmates smiling and having fun as they danced. Zoe did a great job teaching Pass the Ball and I think it was good that we modelled the game so that our classmates understood clearly what they were supposed to do.

Leading the group discussion was a good experience because I had the opportunity to teach about the different PE curriculum models and I was reminded to use professional language. For example, trying to stay away from “you guys”. The group discussion was also fun and informative because I learned about the different models that classmates experienced when they were in elementary school and high school. Also, it really allowed them to think seriously about which model(s) they would like to implement when they teach P.E in their practicums.

Jenny got her group to model the Space Invaders game. I thought it was a good idea to model because sometimes it’s hard for students to listen to a long list of instructions and remember everything.

I think in general things went smoothly. Things we could improve on are learning different ways to control the volume in the gym. In the beginning we would be talking but not everyone could hear because some classmates were talking at the same time. Another thing we could improve on is clarity and repetition. For Pass the Ball, the classmates started the game when we blew the whistle. I totally understand that it was confusing. Next time in PE, we should go over the meanings of the whistle twice or even three times (for younger children) so that they understand what to do.

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