Group Teach Reflection- Invasion Games

It was my pleasure to lead a class alongside Ally and Kaira for our netball lesson. It was fun and challenging for us to come up with our ideas and then execute them with the class. I thought that the most successful part of the class was when we played our modified netball game at the end. The game gave everyone an opportunity to practice the basic skills we had taught earlier into a game environment and everyone seemed very enthusiastic. I also thought that having the opportunity to practice the basic skills prior to a game environment went well because everyone was given the opportunity to gain some confidence in their skills. I felt as though we all worked well as a team, however I personally felt as though I contributed to the group my background in netball, and so was able to explain the game of netball to my group members and then the class. Although I fumbled in my explanation of the game, this is something that I will talk about later when I address what I would have done differently, I hope that I was supportive and encouraging and helped with skill development and game application.

I found that planning the activity went smoothly, however having not ever taught a class there were a lot of logistics that seemed far less of an issue than they ended up being. It was easy when we were planning to discuss our time restrictions, however when it came to leading the class our time restrictions went out of the window. As I mentioned above it was also more difficult than I thought it would be to describe the modified netball game. Given a second chance I would have the best way to explain the game on a sheet in front of me to refer to. Assessment was also another thing that was relatively simple to plan but much more difficult in practice. I am still wondering about the best way to assess every single student.

Overall the learners’ were very enthusiastic participants. I think originally it was difficult for them physically and cognitively to forget what they know about basketball and other net sports in order to fully participate in netball. However once we started the modified netball game everyone was landing and pivoting perfectly which was really exciting to see! As many learners’ had a lot of questions initially and there were some original difficulties in picking up the skills this contributed to us going over time and so that would be something to watch out for next time.

I really enjoyed having the experience to lead a group lesson and have learnt a lot from both writing the lesson plan and executing the lesson. Thank you everyone for your enthusiastic participation and I look forward to all the future group teaches!

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