Oct 7 Movement Journal

Last class was my first exposure to the idea of TGFU: teaching games for understanding. I really appreciated the way in which Steve introduced this concept at the end of class and the games used were unique and creative! The whole class was active and having fun, however we were able to learn different physical literacy skills by means of these activities. With this concept in mind, I did more research after class to examine what TGFU consists of and how to approach it as a teacher.

  • Teach games through games.
  • Break games into their simplest format – then increase complexity.
  • Participants are intelligent performers in games.
  • Every learner is important and is involved.
  • Participants need to know the subject matter.
  • Need to match participants’ skill and challenge.

Originally, this program was designed to tap into children’s inherent desire to play. Children learn through curiosity and inspiration, however with so many activities taking place outside of school or parents busy with their own work, many children are not able to experience play in its natural form. Using TGFU, it is possible to break down a common game into smaller games which are still fun, but target the development of basic foundational movements. TGFU games usually follow in one of the following categories: target games, net/wall games, striking/field games and territory games. These games help to create activity appreciation, tactical awareness, decision-making, and develop performance strategy.

In my practicum at Maple Ridge, we will be expected to teach half hour PE units outdoors with minimal equipment, engaging three grade 5 classes. I hope to use the concept of TGFU games in order to help develop physical literacy, all the while keeping each child active and engaged. Thank you teaching lesson group for introducing this brilliant idea!

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