Movement Journal Week 6

Today’s Outdoor Education class was so fun! I think we all had a great time going outside and just exploring the campus. I’ve been at UBC for 4 years now but I think this is only the second time I’ve done any physical activity outside on the campus (the first time was when we had the Dance Play outside of Scarfe). The weather was nice and it was just great to experience P.E outside of a gym setting.

I think the group did well. I especially enjoyed how they set up separate stations so we could do different activities. The blindfold game was a good experience because it encouraged us to take a step of faith and trust in the person that is guiding us. Overall, the class was structured well and I like how we got to do our cool down at the flagpole.

One thought on “Movement Journal Week 6”

  1. I have never done any physical activities on campus before, so I agree with Vivian, this was such a fun and informative Outdoor Education class. I loved that we were given the opportunity to rotate stations and try different activities that soon we will be able to use in our own classrooms. My favourite activities were the blindfolding game and I also really enjoyed Katy’s session.

    This opportunity was thought provoking and really showed us what are opportunities are to create a fun and active environment for our students. Finally, the warm up activity was amazing! I loved how we were all running to the flag pole, running to hug trees, and shake hands with strangers. Definitely a work out as well!

    My goal in the coming weeks will be to find out what is available around my school (West Wind) so that I can find some fun outdoor activities for my K/1 class.

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