Post Lesson Reflection-Group teach 5-Outdoor Education (Katy Machut)

  1. I think that our coordination at the 4 different stations worked well. We were able to execute smooth transitions between the instant activity and stretching activity for the warm up. I think we were successful in having a range of skills featured over all of the stations. For example, my station (air) allowed students to practice hand eye coordination as well as imitating how I put plane together step by step. Also involving upside down tree provided a link to the nature which increased a sense of awe around nature. The minefield activity allowed students to create a sense of trust in others and emphasized a reliance on auditory sense as a guide to completion. The echo circle station with creation of art using nature allowed students to think of being artistic outside the usual context of classroom: using pencil crayons and paper. Finally, the balloon relay game allowed students to move bodies in a limited fashion to reach the final goal. I contributed by brainstorming about the different versions of stations. I also wrote up the prescribed learning outcomes and ensured we met each of the objectives of the assignment. I was also checking for flow of the lesson in terms of spacing between the stations. I tried to also think of any safety protocols: 4 cones for the perimeter of the minefield. As well as, standing in a line and throwing the planes for the airplane station.
  2. I noticed that planning helps to setup the context and content. However, as a teacher we have to be flexible in changing order of what is taught or the locations of stations as needed to meet the needs of learners. We ended up switching the positions of the stations so that some of them were within eye distance. Also, we just switched instant activity with warm up because it made more sense to have students do an activity first and then the stretching should have followed.
  3. I noticed that students were happy and enthusiastic about doing each station. Cognitively, they seemed to be interested and curious to complete each station. The response physical was that by the 4th rotations students looked like they needed a rest or a quick break.
  4. I think perhaps replacing one of our “cite possible-instant activity” questions: hugging 5 different trees because there is a safety concern as we did not check the surroundings of every tree for hazards like small fences around them or inclines where students could twist their ankles.

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  1. Awesome job Katy and your group! I really enjoyed outdoor education this week! You’re activities were so much fun and very creative. This week my idea about outdoor education really changed. When I was in school we went on a week-long trip, just the grade 7’s and stayed in a cabin and did activities such as archery, canoeing, kayaking and creative art. I am not really the outdoorsy type so I never enjoyed it. Creative art was what I enjoyed and I didn’t even like art. This week I realized that many activities can be outdoor activities; the main idea is just to be outside. I specifically liked the air station that you did. I thought it was ingenious combining simple activity of making a paper airplane, outside, thinking about air which is sort of science was a great way to create a lesson that was multi-dimensional. After this week, I realize that outdoor education is easy to do; it is just a matter of going about it and doing it. There are so many things that can connect to outdoor education, not just PE. I think both teachers and students can benefit from outdoor education.

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