Week 6 – Alternate Environment

This was a very enjoyable class!  It really demonstrated how getting out of the gym and classroom can be inspiring and energizing.  The new environment and fresh air

Katy, Brianna, Jackie, and Lexi prepared activities that challenged our minds as well as our bodies.

The discussion with Katy got me thinking about how I will structure gym time.  The reading prompted me to think about the amount of structure that would facilitate learning, and how that would depend on the group of students, and would change over the course of the year.  The idea of gradual release of the responsibility for learning from the teacher to the student is a concept I plan to think about, practice, and learn more about

I learned many interesting things about the UBC campus, and will take some time to walk around the neighbourhood of my practicum school and talk to the staff, parents, and students about the area.

Thanks for the great and inspiring class!

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